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Guest Johannes

Postcard Portrait Instructions

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He said earlier that it could be a rolling programme so that when he has enough pictures he'll get a T-Towel printed and start collecting new pictures for the next one.


So it's never too late KateA - get drawing! :!::)

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OK, I'm bumping this topic up after having spoken to Johannes this afternoon and reminding him about the T-towels or lack of them :wink: .


The T-towels haven't been put into production because they've only had 13 entries and as Johannes says, they can make a napkin but nothing bigger with that many!!


So, come on all you artistic folks! Let's have some more entries please so that we can all be the proud owners of a commemorative T-towel!! You can draw a portrait of yourself, your hens or you and your hens! It doesn't matter! Just get a postcard sent into Omlet HQ so that they can begin mass production. They need at least 30 portraits to make into a T-towel.


There is information on this in the Memorabilia thread but to clarify...we are going to print a commemorative tea towell of the forum going over 1000 members but we need your help. The idea is anyone who wants to be included can send us a postcard with their selfportrait drawn on the lefthand side. The teatowell will be printed in single colour so no need to do anymore than a line drawing preferably in black and white which we can scan in.


Please send postcards as soon as possible to


1000 Forum Members


Tuthill Park



OX17 1RR


please include your name under your portrait and it may include your chickens and other family members. Don't be shy, its not a drawing competition and the more unique the portrait the better!

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Go for it, Liz!

I sent mine in this afternoon! 1st class too :shock: I now see why I never send anything 1st class :roll:



Gosh Liz..it wasn't a oil painting on canvas was it :shock::wink::D It will definately be better than my effort...


Mine was done in a Bic biro on the back of a postcard. :? Cost a 1st class stamp!

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