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MSN question

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Last night my Daughter was chatting to a friend on MSN via our laptop.

The volume was on mute and we do not have a web cam.

Her friend has a web cam and we were laughing at the faces he pulled.

During the conversations her friend said that he could hear us :? He told us what TV programme I was watching. Thinking it was a guess Natalie spoke to him and asked him to stick out his tongue, which he did :shock: I spoke to him and asked him to stick his fingers in in ears... he did :shock:

When we were asking him to do silly things we did not type any message :?

We both found this very amusing yet a little spooky.


Can anyone tell me how on earth Natalie's friend could hear us and how we could speak to him?

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That's quite scary, thanks for the warning.


I find MSN a bit tiresome, especially with 3 daughters all wanting to use the ONE computer connected to the internet. It's scary too how young some children are and they really don't understand the etiquette. My 16 yo knows a 9 yo who keeps chatting to her on MSN. 16yo is quite rude to her, mostly because of the interruption and the waste of time (eg 'Well, what shall we talk about then?' Answer: 'Nothing. Go away!') I tell her to block the little girl but I think my DD secretly enjoys being rude to her!


I guess it's here to stay though. And it's brilliant for chatting to friends overseas. My DD even used to chat to her German exchange student, who had become absolutely brilliant with the language and txt abbreviations. (Ull notice I dnt really use thm/cant really use thm!) :shock:

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