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Yup - mine eat so many I worry about having any left, but I think the hen run provides a wonderful breeding and growing area for earthworms - everytime I turn over some of the soil there are loads of them including really big fat ones which the girls fight over :roll:

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I would never have dreamt that I would would be ordering treats for my girls from my herpetological supplier :P


I have to admit that I bought a tub of dried mealworms a while back and the girls get the occasional sprinkling of these in the run.


They are such greedy little beggars.


When the builder came to do the raised planter, he worridly asked if the girls bite. I explained that they will do their best to get in his way especially if they think that he might be a good source of treats and put them back in the run to stop them looking at his work critically :lol:


They did keep chasing him up and down the garden looking for treats which surprised him. :roll:

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