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Hi All,


We're preparing a permanent site for our cube and run. Could anyone give us any idea as to how much space we need to allow around the back of the cube - and can I double check that we only need everyday access to one side of the cube (to open the door and collect eggs!) :)


Also, we were planning to put wood chips down but we can only find bark chips (so far we've looked at B&Q and a few local garden centres). Are bark chips alright to use - I think I've read somewhere that they can contain fungus spores which aren't very good for chickens! :cry:



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This might help but Auboise is fantastic stuff to put in run's as it helps to collect the droppings, they seem to disappear and only need cleaning out once every 3 - 4 weeks.


If you are having a permanant sight using just the cube and run, I have bolted some feather edge fencing panels around the bottom to keep the Auboise or woodchips in the run as chickens will quickly kick it out and there will be more in your garden than in the run. You could also use gravel boards which i now wish I had used as the chickens kick up better than Beckham.


To easily get to the back of the cube I would suggest at least 3 feet in order that you can pull out the dropping trays when cleaning, and at least 1 foot on the other side to either open the egg port or the door which are on opposite sides.


I'll send you a picture if you want of my set up Cube and 3 extensions


Have a look at some of the pictures on in the inspirations forum there are some great ideas and pitures.

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Thanks you two. The run pictures look great! :D


I had thought about auboise - but will I need to cover the run if I put this down? Or would we be best off covering the run even if we use woodchips - not sure how long these things take to dry out? :?


Sorry if this is a dense question but what do you mean by gravel boards? We were looking at using 4 inch decking boards round the bottom of the run - do you think this would do the job or should we look at something deeper?


Much appreciate all your advice! :D

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Gravel boards are used by fencers and sit on the ground with the fence on top. About 15cm high. I used some to make raised beds for my veggie garden. £11 for 5 planks from B&Q.


The aubiose does need to be keep dry, so a roof would be better. I use aubiose in the two eglu runs and have the winter shade and shower curtain over the top.


The wood chippings would stay fresher for longer if the top was covered and would be less likely to smell.


Good luck with building the run



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You should try and cover the run in this rainy period otherwise you will have some very wet chickens.


What have you ordered a Cube + extension then do as many of us do and put a clear shower curtain (£0.89p from IKEA) over the top held down with bungy ropes of you can search the web for clear tarpulin probably stronger and last longer.


Glad someone told you what gravel boards were would not have wanted you to waste you hard earnt cast on decking for chickens!!!!!! Much to expensive.


I bought some and the first time I bolted it on the outside of the run but all that happened was that the Auboise just got kicked up and landed in between the boards and the run.


So today I battled the rain as I was cleaning out the run anyway and moved the boards to the inside of the run. Fingers crossed I hope that this keeps the garden a little cleaner.

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