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Marathon Butter!

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This time last year, I was taking part in the London Marathon. This year, while watching it on TV, I decided to try and make butter a la Home Farmer mag....and succeeded!


The strange thing is, I feel almost as proud of my achievement this year - and it didn't take anywhere near the time or hurt nearly as much!!


Think I'll stick to this for exercise now!

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Sorry for stretching the page!


The bit they don't mention in the mag is that, after about 5 minutes, all you have is whipped cream, spread all around the milk carton and you feel a bit daft shaking something that feels empty. But carry on and then all of a sudden you see something yellow appear and it all moves about again.


It gives you such an incredible sense of satisfaction. I put it into little ramekins in the fridge so I can get one out each day to use. Today's has been used up already as I've just made a rhubarb crumble!


Richard's now using the buttermilk to make bread!

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Well done and a great picture. ASDA has cream 400ml double reduced on offer to £1 this weekend and I bought some yesterday and made mine in the kenwood - I have bad joints and all that shaking etc...... It is very yummy and from a 400ml cream carton I got 320g butter - not bad really. And I made scones with the buttermilk and the butter - they were the best.

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