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A Night to Remember

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Hi everyone,


Well I had a night to remember last night.

I took my OH to the Hammersmith Apollo to see John Barrowman for her birthday. :D

He was fantastic and the packed audience were going mad. :dance::clap: He is a real showman and he had a great repertoire. I took my video camera with me and got some great footage,

so watch out on You Tube! I know you’re not meant to film at these events, but everyone was at it. :oops:

After the show, we got in our car to drive home. Now we have a Smart car for driving around town because it’s easy to park, so we had come in that. Any way I am driving down Fulham Palace Rd and I can see a man with his back to us standing on a traffic island in the middle of the road. The next minute he just walked straight out in front of me without looking. :shock: I slammed the brakes on and he bounced off the side of the car into a crumpled heap on the floor. My OH screamed and my sat nav flew of the window into my lap. :shock:

OMG I jumped out the car and he’s not making much noise, just lying there with his eyes shut. So I phoned 999 whilst asking him if he’s all right. Next minute this chap appears from no where “I’m a doctor” (Thank God) and while he’s giving him the once over, I am giving all the details to the operator on my mobile.

Anyway it turns out we are just around the corner from a hospital, and a fast response unit was with us in minutes.

So they are examining him asking him if anything hurts etc, when he suddenly opens his eyes and sits up and declares “It wasn’t his fault, I didn’t look where I was going, I’ve had 7 pints tonight”

So myself and my OH are both standing there, and I am thinking Thank you God, Thank you God. :pray: And then the next minute he gets up and dusts himself down reiterating that he’s had 7 pints tonight and then declines any further assistance and then staggers off.


So I asked the medic if I should wait for a policeman, and she told me no, because no one was hurt so they won’t be attending. The whole thing start to finish was 10 minutes, so we both got back in the car and drove home.


I wanted my OH to have a night to remember, but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind. :doh:





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Oh dear, what a shock for you. I hope you are OK and not too traumatised.


I had a lad on a bike cut in front of me without warning. It really shakes you up. Fortunately he wasn't hurt, but his bike was a bit bent and my car was damaged on the bonnet and front wing. Of course as a young cyclist, he had no insurance, so I had to claim on mine, which bumped up my premiums and ruined my "no claims record", but it could have been a lot worse!!!


You did completely the right thing. I'm glad the man was OK. The vast quantity of alcohol obviously wowrked as a brilliant analgesic!

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Hi and thanks for all your support. :D

I am glad to say that we have both got over the shock of nearly introducing someone to their maker. :pray:

It was obviously a great relief that the chap got up and walked away, although I suspect that when he woke up the next day, he might be suffering a bit more than just a hangover :)

Thankfully we can now put it behind us and both laugh about it now. :lol::lol:


As far as John Barrowman is concerned, the show was brilliant and I would recommend 100% too anyone who was thinking of seeing him on tour.





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I believe that's what's known as 'UDI' - or 'Unidentified Drinking Injuries' when you wake up the next morning with bruises that you don't recall getting. He's probably thinking 'wow, it must have been a good night!'


A friend of mine woke up (when at University) one morning, looked in the mirror .... and both his front teeth were missing! :shock:


I'm glad he was ok though - phew! You won't forget that in a hurry.

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