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What did you dream of last night?

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I had the most bizarre dream last night:


I was on a bus, being driven by Shane that won the X-Factor, and it crashed outside a nightclub, but we were all ok, so Shane took us all in for a drink. Only when it was my turn to get my drink, instead of a glass of wine, he handed me an iron, with an enormous spider dangling from it. I couldn't get the iron off my hand, and the spider ran up my arm - then I woke up.




Can anyone interpret dreams?!

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I dreamt that two of our friends were coming down for for the weekend. Then on Saturday afternoon they rang us and said they were at a village (about 10 minutes away) so had to stay in a local inn. Then, when they finally arrived on Sunday morning they told us they had played ping pong all night with the landlords 8 year old daughter.


All I can say is dont mix antibiotics, antihistimine, alcohol and curry before going to bed :roll:

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