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battery hen welfare

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Hi all


I have just had an e mail from jane howarth of the battery hen welfare trust, now officially the first battery hen charity!!!


We all love our girls and know how charming and wonderful they are, so spare a thought for the tortured battery hens :cry: . I've pasted a piece from the newsletter so that you can help, please join me and make the battery hen a thing of the past.


You may be interested to know that all Hellmanns is produced in Holland using battery eggs and a recent letter from the UK Chairman confirmed the company may “exploreâ€

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Thanks so much! :)


i've just let my girls out and thought about the great life they are having and how they deserve it. Oh it's a great morning and I love getting up early when it's nice (only since the girls arrived) not so keen in the dull wet weather!!


Anyway, Simply delicious is an organic range and they do a salad cream and mayo, really nice. That's what we are having. :idea: Have yet to find out what Heinz have in their salad cream. Am going to approach with that question.


Bx :lol:

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Thanks for that I will write too I love doing things like that as it stirs them up a bit. Jennifer home made mayo is lovely it is a little time consuming and it contains raw egg but there is nothing better and you can personalise it with mustard or chilli or lemon if anyone want the recipe just shout and I will dig it out and post it.

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I also stopped buying mayonnaise some time ago and make my own but I will certainly write to Hellmans


I did like the taste of Hellmans, along with Heinz Tomato Soup which I prefer to home-made and the same re. packet Bread Sauce. I do buy the Organic versions now but still feel guilty because I'd rather make them myself :oops:

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I don't buy Hellmans either. I'm making my own mayonnaise so I know where everything's come from. I've always had a soft spot for Jimmy Doherty and what he's trying to do so good on him for adding battery hens to his flock.


I'll write a letter to Hellmans - thanks for the address. I like writing letters like that.

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Thanks everyone, sent my letter this morning. :D


Also if anyone eats quorn I called them this morning and ALL Quorn products now use free range eggs. Great because the packaging isn't up to date as yet but they assure me it is vegetarian society approved hence the free range eggs!


Please keep an ear open and post any naughties or nicies in the egg/chicken/poultry world and we can name and shame!



Bx :D:D:wink:

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Most of those places never do reply. I wrote to marks and spencers once (as a school project) to see if they used slave people to make thier stuff. but they never replied. but some other people in my class got replies from people like nike so you do have hope. lol

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It took me a while to find this thread again :lol:


Okay I got my reply from Helmanns a couple of days ago. I won't bore you with the whole letter but this is what they said.


'All eggs used by Unilever are sourced from within the EU


We have close relationships with our European suppliers and our consumers can be reassured that their farms comply with all relevant EU regulations, which are acknowledged to be the most stringent in the world. They have recently been strengthened.


As part of our buying policy we work closely with producers to make sure the highest standards are strictly followed.


It is also important to highlight that there is insufficient farm capacity at this time to sustain support the Helmanns business with free range eggs.


In addition our ongoing consumer research into this area shows that consumer interest is currently too small to support a free range option.'


Personally I think that it is rubbish and won't be buying their products again. Farm Animal Welfare in Europe and the UK can be miles apart as we are supposed to all follow the same rules but when implemented in the UK they are usually more stringent than the EU requirement and even then I have seen some shocking farms in the UK.


How can they say there is no demand if they won't even try?? Why won't they consider just UK eggs for the UK market place. Agriculture in the UK is dying largely due to cheap foreign imports (please don't take offence Europe and the rest of the world) but we need farmers in the UK really we do but we don't have the space to compete with some other countries and if we aren't even offered a UK alternative what hope is there :evil:


Okay rant over 8)


Anyone else had a reply yet :?

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