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Guinipig and rabbits

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Hi, we are getting a rabbit in a couple of weeks, we have a big hutch and run, I not allowed a rabilu, but my daughters want a guinipig too, can rabbits and guinis live together? :? The hutch is plenty big enough, but will they fight :D:D


Any advice welcome


Thanks J :D:D:D:D

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Quite a few people I have spoken to have them living together very happily for years. having said that, most vets and specialist sites don't recommend it, partly because they have differing dietary requirements (GPs need extra vit c to start with), and also because bunnies have been known to savage GPs :(


My advice would be to play it by ear and make introductions carefully and be watchful in the first couple of weeks.


PS don't forget that GPs need to be brought inside in the winter (unlike bunnies)

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We kept our guinea pigs outside all year round but then it hardly ever dips below freezing in Gosport as the sea holds the temperature up.


As for keeping rabits and gp's together, I have done this semi successfully in the past although the general advice from experts is not to.


The big problem is that the diets of gp's and rabbits needs to be different. How do you manage this to make sure that your both your rabbit and your guinea pig get the right diets for them?


Our rabbit was quite small but I was always concerned that she would somehow hurt the gp with her powerful back legs. It didn't happen but I would have been mortified if it had


To be honest, if I got another rabbit or gp I would not keep them together again despite what seems normal in the pet shops

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Guinea pig food is formulated to have the right balance of vitamins and minerals for guinea pigs, not rabbits. Feeding rabbits guinea pig food gives them a high dose of vitamin c for one thing which is not required by rabbits because they can store their own.


Although rabbits can eat guinea pig food in the same way hens can eat anything you out in front of them (if my girls are anything to go by) there are foods especially formulated to provide all the right nutrients for your pet and we all know how important it is with out chooks that they get the proper balance to keep them in tip top condition.


Rabbits and guinea pigs are completely different species with different dietry requirements.



Food is just one aspect of why I now wouldn't keep the 2 together.

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In that case you really should take this up with your breeder because you have been misinformed. :(


The fibre contained in most guinea pig food is not high enough for rabbits.


Not only that the protein content in gp food is too high for rabbits.


These 2 facts apart from being not the best for the rabbits needs also makes their poo soft which sticks to the fur increasing the risk of fly strike.


Not only that but guinea pig food is fortified with lots of vitamin c because gp's need this.

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It's typical isn't it, "Ooops, word censored!"ody eats what they are supposed to and I am testomony to that :roll:


I suppose the way to look at it is that you can get away with not giving a good diet but it is not the best you can do to prevent problems for your animal.


Look at the amount of threads there have been where the chooks get what can be considered 'healthy' treats but they throw the balance of the diet out of kilter and the egg production suffers.


The advice is to only feed layers pellets and then everything tends to go back on track.


With chooks there are signs that all is not well but how can you tell with rabbits until they fall ill :(

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