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Martin B

Urgent Help Needed!

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We have just been getting our rabbits out to play in the run. However we noticed that our female rabbit Angel has bold back legs and no fur around her left eye. The cage was cleaned thouroughly on Sunday and is still relitavely clean.

Angel was not like this on Monday when she also came out into the run!


Help please!



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Martin I have just done a quick google on it.


Female rabbits can do this to themselves when they are nesting. Could be a false pregnancy but still gives her the urge apparently.


I am sure an expert will be along soon to put your mind at rest.

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There were no signs of fur in the hutch! :?

We gave her accomadation a good scrub and makeover and also gave her a wash with some warm water. She is currently drying off in the run. My dad gave her a quick examantation and there was nothing odd. I hope everything is ok!


Do you think she might have eaten the fur?




Thanks for all your help! :wink:

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