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our first two egg day!

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Well today has been a very eggciting day for me


At one point I thought that Geri had managed to go into "broody" mode before she'd even laid her first egg.


When I opened the run this morning (haven't closed the Eglu door for weeks now) Margot ran out as usual but Geri stayed in, and was picking up the stray shredded paper that was near the eglu door. I thought she didn't want to settle down on the pooey paper and got her some fresh and she let me put it round her legs while she stood in the nesting box!


Then she got bits of grass just by sticking her head out of the nesting box and put those in too. As I went to leave for work I went to say goodbye (as I always do) and opened the eggport to check on Geri - she jumped up and out of the Eglu (via the door though not the eggport :wink: ) and there was her very first, very hot, freshly laid EGG!


Then she clucked and squaked around the garden (she's got that from Margot) just to tell me how clever she is!


SOOOO HaPpY today! :lol::lol::lol:

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