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Sink unblocker?

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ooooo in my green recipe book it says baking soda and some lemon scented viegar will deoderize you drains as well as fizzing away any gunk


1/2 cup of soda and 1 cup on scented white vinegar. you can use any essential oil you like.

covers e snk hole untill fizzing ends

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glad to be of help.


the book i have is called Clean house, Clean Planet. By Karen Lgan. Its a US book but apart from borax which i can't find, it's full of 100's of great cleaning recipies.


if you need anymore ideas pm me

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I use the soda crystals which I use for making the home-made washing powder. It always has lumps in which is a bit annoying for the wash powder, so I save the lumps and pop them on the drain hole and slowly run warm/hot water over them until they've dissolved.

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