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Guinea Pig Island

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There is a fab huge garden centre over towards Oxford,& they have a Guinea pig Island,which is really cool.

It is sort of a big pile of rocks & stones,all fixed together,with pipes & things going in & out.

The guineas are just living in it....sort of self sufficent :lol:


They breed & live as one big happy community :P


As we have vague plans to have a little farm either here or abroad with holiday lets ,we plan to build our own Guniea Pig Island for them to live in as an attraction :D

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I can't remember what its called Clare,but it wasn't in Coventry - it was about 30mins from me.

If I remeber I will post,as it also has an amazing farm shop with fresh frozen veggies & fruits that you scoop up.


Martin,Jimmy did want one,didn't he.

Wonder if we will see it on TV sometime?


Bunnee1,I am going to Longleat Centerparcs in August,& want to spend my 40th birthday at Longleat house,so will look out for the little piggy people :P

You have obviously been ,was it good?

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