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What an awful day!

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It all started so well. We were early for school and early back to the house to load the boys up for the trip to nursery when...


The new neighbour 'popped in' to ask a question - and 40 minutes later I was tearing her children out of the playhouse and trying to do that goodbye thing politely.


So - get to the car door at 9.45 and another neighbour comes jogging over the road. 'Helen, where the nearest vet?'


turns out she was walking her boxer and he took off in to a field. She followed and found a cat in a terrible state, obviously been run over and crawled in to the field. She picked it up and bought it home and stuck it in a cat acrrier, then realised she had no idea where the vet was! (only been here 6 weeks).


After 5 mins trying to explain I said 'shall I take it?' and off I went, with one baby, one peed off toddler ('mummy, I'm missing milk and biscuits!') and one badly damaged cat.


Get to vet, jog in with cat, explain situation and vets all shake their heads. Covered in fly strike and the maggots had just started to hatch, it was decided to put the cat down. She was old and possibly feral from the nearby farm.


As I stood there sobbing over a cat I've never seen before the vet says 'be positive. At least you stopped her from being eaten alive by the maggots' that just made me feel wors.


Back in car and 'wheres the pussycat' says toddler. 'Gone to Heaven'. 'To be with nana? She will give it a nice stroke', says toddler and off I go with the tears and the tissues again.


Since then its been one problem after another, with the final straw being neighbour who popped over this morning lighting a fire at 8pm, now my entire house is full of smoke and stinks.


Oh, and I've got another funeral to attend tomorrow.


Pants, pants, pants and other words I;m not allowed to put here! :(

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:shock: It feels like running in quicksand, doesn't it? I wonder if that's why we have night; so you can wake up and start again. Well, not with another funeral to go to, but hope it all goes well.

On days like that I feel as if I'm a John Cleese character, one awful thing piled on another. But, I bet outwardly you coped brilliantly Helen, which is why everyone turned to you!

Big hug from me, and I hope very soon you have a surprisingly good day, you deserve it!

PS. Bonfire rant :evil::twisted::evil::twisted:

PPS. I've changed my sig for you!

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That's dreadful and I agree with Sheila you have coped really well. I am a regular crier and tears are very healing. It sounds as if you have alot of emotion sort of 'on hold' and that probably needs time to be released gently and over some period of time. You have dealt with such a lot lately and perhaps some time for you is a good idea. When the children are asleep that's time to give you what you need and perhaps shed some more tears Helen.


I don't do 'be strong', that doesn't make us feel well long term.




Buff xx

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Bless you all round. Have a chocolate.


Funeral was ok. It was the life pres of the village cricket club and he was a proper job old gent, there were masses of people there.


As a cricket club 'wife' I was involved in the wake catering, as they wanted to do a cricket tea in his honour, so I've been baking cakes all week!


A good send off for a great man. :)

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