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Richard T

word of the day - Tuesday

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I like it, Richard - that takes the pressure off!


no doubt culled from popular hip-hop battle-rhyme lyric...


this cat claims to spitt ill rhymes/but i out rhymed him and now he needs surgery~

this b**** was in the womb and i strangled him with an umbelical cord/after i demolish his ass do i get a reward?~

my rhymes are verbally gross because my lyrics are totally verboss/i got b****** turnin white like they just a ghost~

hahaha damn in your msg yo ass was tryin to boast/you need a reality check and im bout to hit you with a double dose~



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It's always helpful if someone helps me remember what day we're on. :D



Mmmm... but you'll be confused tomorrow when the topic is still there! :wink:



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The word wasn't culled from hip-hop, Phil. I'm afraid my knowledge of hip-hop is practically non-existant. I did have a friend who tried to keep me updated on that genre, but he's gone into a monastery. He's probably getting the brothers grooving on down with some hymn-hop. :roll:



Richard T (the wack-MC, (probaberleeeee))

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