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Hi Guys,


I'm trying to put a picture of a green eglu after my signature name. I've managed the two chickens, but can't seem to get the eglu.


I've tried;


green eglu






and non seem to be working.


Any suggestions?

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Sheila - I'm always telling people to do it the way you said - it was probably me that told you :oops: I forget that there is an easier way as it didn't exist before - James added it! :roll:



All advice is good advice when it comes to all things chicken - thanks guys!

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Hi, there wasn't a blue eglu in the emoticons list so I made my own :)

If anyone wants to put it in their signature you can use the following code:


[ img]http://www.sydneytheduck.dsl.pipex.com/forum/blue_eglu.gif[ /img]


but without the spaces before img and /img.


It's a bit long to remember to use in posts, but if you copy and paste into your signature (removing the spaces) it should work:



If anyone wants a pink or orange one I can make those too?

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Hehe - I'll try all of those things tomorrow ;)

I have found though, that linking more than one of these in your sig causes it to say that your sig is too long. Do mods have the ability to upload images to the emoticon bit, or does that need to be done by an admin?


I can also assure you that I am a grand fan of the larger knicker and do appreciate a generous seat coverage. (Am I sharing too much?) However if you do see me wearing them on the *outside*, please let me know before I disturb too many people.


Last point - STD?! :shock: Syd is fine ;) I've been using the name online for so long now, I have been known to answer to it :D

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