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What have you done today if not watching football?!

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I went on lovely picnic with OH and sat by a reservoir eating salmon, strawberries and cream cakes :roll: . There were some lovely young ducks kind of half duckling half grown up that looked like smaller female mallards but only had little triangular fluffy wings and couldn't dive properly, adorable :D

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I cleaned the house :evil:

I prepared a meal for some friends coming over tonight

I spent some time with our neighbours children Maisie 6 and Eliza 5 - they were practicing tricks with our woggles as we are all going to a pdsa show tomorrow and they are taking the dogs into the ring with them (not minky :evil: )

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I was at work :(

It has been a scorcher here today and I was in a hot kitchen scrubbing :twisted:

Did have a lovely walk along the beach with Archie pup this evening, even dipped my toes in the sea :shock: it was flipping freezing and full of Jellyfish :shock:

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I went shopping in :twisted: ASDA :twisted: with my Mum and heavily pregnant (due tomorrow)sister.

I hate our asda,its always too busy and full of pig ignorant folk :cry:

It was a little quieter and the shelves looked liked it was xmas tomorrow.

It was copable i suppose?

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Saw some donkeys and thought of AnnieP :D:wink:

But I look nothing like a donkey....... :wink:


I did gardening in the morning before it got too hot for all of us pale skinned types. Then came inside, made quiches :D had a little nap before the kick off and then went down to a neighbours' for a footie and barbeque party.

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