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There was a thread ages ago showing a lovely piccy of a circle of Crocs shoes in Eglu colours.


Well, they now stock these in John Lewis if anyone is interested :P


I had a look yesterday & they are great,& very,very light weight.

Apparantly all the celebs are wearing them too :lol:

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I got Rosie a bright red pair at the weekend, and she totally loves them :D I tried some on, but they didn't have any in my size.


I will definitely get some more for Rosie, and she can wear blue ones to school next summer instead of sandals.


I did suggest to Simon at Omlet that they start stocking them. I need an excuse to go to John Lewis, so perhaps I'd better get over there Buff. I got Rosie's in Boswells in Oxford, but they didn't have much of a selection.

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They were in the Reading store Clare,if you ever come over this way.

They were £30,so a bit cheaper on the site.....& no P&P either :D


Cleo really likes the new open toed ones,so I am going to wait for mine to come so I can judge the size for her (she is 11 years old with nearly size 6 feet :?:shock: )


This is the official site .....




But the site you posted has a nice selection too,& some different colours.

You can also get them on ebay for £25,with no P&P :P

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My boss has these in hot pink their great with our purple uniform :D

Apparently they give exclusivity to one shop in any particular area...we wanted to stock them but a little shop in weymouth alraedy has them...i've got to have some!!

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