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Guest Hannah

who has a rabbit eglu?

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I was wondering, who has bought an eglu for rabbits yet? It would be interesting to find out what people think of the rabbit Eglu!! please reply if you have bought one!

luv Han


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I've got an orange one, the rabbits are a white netherland dwarf and a chocolate dutch both about 10 weeks old, I've got a couple of pix but don't know how to up load them? So far I'm really impressed with the eglu and the rabbits love the freedom to nibble the grass, the ease of cleaning makes the outlay worth it especially now the rotten weather is approaching.

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Hi Elmerfud,


The gallery can be a nightmare it never lets me name things I have to get someone (anyone) else to do it. SuperKate should be along to help you but you can try going in to create an album which gives you a screen promting you to upload then click on upload photos browse to find them on your puter and that should be it. You can upload multiple pics at a time as well.


Not sure which album they need to be in they should do one for rabbits methinks James can we have that at some point please :lol: In the meantime you will have to share with us chickens 8)

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