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flubenvet on grapes

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hi everyone,


i have never posted on here before but i visit everyday for a nosey, the info on here is invaluable!!


I have had three chickens since march and i have given them vermex twice. Having read so much about flubenvet i decided to get this instead and have today bought some grapes ready to give the chooks their dose.


Im a bit paranoid about overdosing them - can anyone advise me on how much of the grape i actually cover - do i just give them the tiniest dunk into the powder or do i cover the whole grape? may sound silly but i dont want to do them any harm. One grape a day for seven days i believe to be the correct amount - is this right?


thanks everyone

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If you imagine that the dose for one chicken is about 1/4 of a level teaspoon full and divide this over 7 days then you'd be about right.


I agree. Don't know how many chooks you have Eggalp, but the measure is 1g per chicken (divided by 7 days). 1 level teaspoon = 4g. So that is what I use for my 4 hens. (So 2 hens = half teaspoon etc).


I measure the level teaspoon, put it on foil, split it into 7 little daily piles. Then split each pile into 4 for each hen and scoop that into a hulled out grape. I distract the others by throwing a small amt of corn over a wide area and whilst 3 are not looking dose each one individually.


PS. Welcome to the forum officially now that you've made your first post.

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