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Babs is famous *beams again*

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Have you had it yet Clare & Buffie? Mine turned up by email late yesterday evening.

Babs looks gorgeous in the bath by the way Kaz :D

There's also a nice photo on the front of several rescue co-ordinators, including you Buffie :D

And a lovely photo of a gorgeous pink eglu together with a bit of info about Omlet's support of BHWT. Well done Omlet team :D:D

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Sorry, I've only just caught up with these responses, sorry you didn't all get it. I've got mine on email, but being ever so slightly useless with the technical stuff I'm not sure how to post it on the forum. If any one wants to PM me with their email addresses I'll happily forward it to them, alternatively if someone can give me instructions on how to post an email in terminology that your average 3 year old could follow :oops::oops: I might be able to manage it :roll::roll:

Sorry about being so useless :roll:

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