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Couple of questions...

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Migsy seems to be in fine fettle at the moment (fingers crossed!), but I have a couple of questions about health issues.


1. Her droppings are generally v healthy-looking, i.e. firm and green with a white streak (which, if I remember what I learnt at school/uni correctly, is uric acid - sort of like wee but more concentrated :shock: ). However, once a day or so she produces a runny, bright orange, slightly foamy one - is this the "pre-laying" type of dropping (she's about 17 weeks) or something else?


2. Her comb is turning a nice coral colour, so I'm hoping she'll start laying soon :) She adores her layers mash, but mostly only eats the smaller "muesli" parts - the split peas and dried maize get left in the feeder. Is she getting enough protein by leaving the peas, and if not, any ideas for alternatives? I thought that split red lentils might be worth a try, as they're a lot smaller.





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Hi Redfox


Migsy's droppings sound perfectly normal! About one in ten is as you describe and boy do they whiff!


I have only fed layers pellets so I don't know about the mash I'm afraid. The best thing about pellets is that they can't pick and choose what to eat - it's all or nothing!


I smile every time I read about Migsy. My now departed :cry: jack russell was nicknamed Mr Miggins (because he would have eaten all the pies given half a chance). This was shortened to Migsy .......... and often included a number of expletives as he wasn't exactly well behaved :lol: !

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They are all very different, like the pellets. I started off with pellets from a local pet shop, but they were too big for the banties, so I tried mash, which made a dreadful mess. Nicola H got me onto these organic Allen & Page ones that Omlet now sell too. I emailed A&P and they sent a sample so that I coudl check if they were small enough for my grils' dainty beaks :D


They smell lovely

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Claret, When you say they smell lovely- are you talking about the pellets?

Or your girls poops :lol:


I might give these A&P pellets a go, but I've just been out this morning and bought a 20kg sack of mash from SCATS. We're collecting two rescue hens at the weekend and they'll need mash at first.


June and Audrey have been on pellets for a while now, as they picked through their mash and used to spill it all over the place!


When we first gave them pellets they weren't impressed, so we resorted to grinding them down a bit (into smaller pellets) in my Braun Multi-chef. To be honest after a few monthe of being woken up at 6am by the loud wizzing noise, I decided that their beaks are big enough for pellets and that they were being spoilt rotten. They now take the pellets as they come, but in the afternoons I've been mixing a bit with water for the past two weeks. Trying to make sure that they get enough fluids down. Just like a cat we used to have, they won't drink from a bowl/peanut or feeder unless parched, but they will drink spilt water off the decking or water from plant pots :roll: Oh, forgot...they'll drink water if I spoon feed it to them.

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Oh, forgot...they'll drink water if I spoon feed it to them.
:lol::lol::lol: The mind boggles!


Try a rabbit dropper bottle - ours love that! And the raindrops off the run!


On the subject of smell & pellets - I dont know what Claret meant, but we have these pellets too. I havent smelt the pellets, but I have noticed the poos smell less! (I wouldn't go so far as to say lovely though....)

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Here's a link to their site http://www.allenandpage.com/organicfeed/. These pellets are the ones that Omlet sell.

That's interesting. I see that their pellets are 100% organic. I noticed on our last sack of Marriages 'organic' layers pellets, that they were not entirely organic! This website says that legally, 'organic' poultry food only needs to be 85% organic! Weird! Good that this brand actually does what it says on the label, and what most people would expect without reading the small print.

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Well, I finally found something Migsy likes!


I picked her up today, and she's feeling a bit thin - not as bad as Morag was, but still a bit worrying - so I looked up some ideas to fatten her up. This afternoon I tried a "porridge" of live yogurt, tuna and cracked wheat - went down a treat (especially the tuna) ! :D:D:D

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