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Blackcurrant Cordial

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My FIL gave me 2lbs blackcurrants yesterday from the allotment so I've made them into Blackcurrant Cordial for the boys to drink over the summer. Ollie's verdict is "heavenly" :D .


Blackcurrant Cordial


Wash and weigh the fruit. Put it in a large saucepan and crush with a wooden spoon or pototo masher. For every pound of fruit add half a pint of water.


Cook slowly, crushing the fruit with a spoon as it simmers.


Strain through a sieve and add one pound of sugar to each pint of juice and stir in until dissolved completely. You can bottle it at this stage but I put the liquid through butter muslin to make sure it had absolutely no bits in or the boys would have complained!! Pour into sterilized bottles and dilute to taste.


Will keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks or alternatively freeze the bottles and defrost as necessary.


2lbs fruit made 1400ml cordial and it's lovely and blackcurranty!



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Yes, that's right Annie :lol: . My father in law is a very keen gardener and has several allotments which regularly take the top prize in the local best allotment competition. He's got every soft fruit imaginable and when there's a glut, I get some of it! Lovely blackcurrants but as none of us really like them in anything, cordial seemed the best way to use them effectively.

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