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Piccies in gallery

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Thank you everybody.


Thanks very much for putting links in LJ - far beyond me :!:


Sarah I think the camera is playing tricks although every now and again in the right light you can see a slight greeny tinge.


Girls on basic rations as I think they have been getting too many treats - NO eggs for 3 days now :shock:

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We were told that she was a Bluebelle although I am not convinced really as when we originally rang the supplier to enquire what she had her answer was "brown 'uns, black 'uns, white 'uns, grey 'uns ..... oh and some speckly kind of 'uns" :shock:


Anyway whatever she is, she is really sweet and placid so we don't mind.


Hilda is also coming round now and she actually had a proper cuddle yesterday for the first time without squawking and flapping like I am about to do her some serious damage :D:D perseverance has finally paid off.

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