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Chicken sitting - worse case senario

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As you may know, we have just had a week away,& I did worry about my girls quite a bit while I was on holiday.

The topic of conversation around the evening meal was often "I wonder what the chickens are doing now" :lol:

However,we have a wonderful neighbour who we trust completley to look after our pets,home & garden.


So it was a terrible shock to come home to find that he had sadly & suddenly died while we were away :shock::(


No harm came to the chickens,despite them being left alone for 4 days.They had no food or water when we came back,& a massive pile of eggs to collect :?

But they are tough old things,& seem to have not noticed that they were "home alone" for a while.


I reckon this must be the worse case senario for anyone who is leaving thier hens for a few days - & mine coped admirably!

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What a shock for you Sarah! How sad - and presumably unexpected. I'm glad all your girls were OK.


I got home to find our three were absolutely fine, but very thirsty. They couldn't reach their water because it had been put too high up! They drank solidly for 15 minutes!

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