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Unidentified fruit tree

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We have a small fruit tree that we planted in the garden maybe 4 years ago, I think. I have always been convinced that it was an apple, I'm absolutely convinced that that was what we bought it as, but it's never fruited until now.

This year though it has small (about the same size as a large olive) dark fruit, which are kind of matt with a whitish bloom. The description is pants, so here's a photo of them on the tree:




They look like little plums, but are considerably smaller than a "normal" plum, and they have a greenish flesh inside, and taste rather bitter. So are they a small, as yet unripe plum..... or are they something else :?:?

I'm not at all sure, and consequently have no idea what to do with them.

Here's another pic which shows you the size compared to one of the plums off my plum tree.




The leaves on both trees look similar btw.

Has anyone out there got any ideas :?

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Thanks all :D

I'm pretty confident that they're not sloes..... at least if theyare heaven only knows what I put into last years sloe gin :roll::lol::lol:

Damsons did cross my mind too, but I've never seen a damson in the flesh so to speak, so I had no idea at all really.

I'm debating between them being damsons, or small, as yet very under-ripe plums. Whichever I way I don't know what to do with them. I have so many ripe plums on my plum tree that just working out what to do with them is taxing me.

So what do I do with small damson type, under-ripe plum type things :?:roll::lol::lol:

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Yes, def. damsons . We picked ours on Saturday.


If you leave them a few more days they will become riper and should be edible uncooked, as a plum. When a few start dropping off the tree and are a nice purple colour should be fine.


I make damson jam with mine.

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I've just made Damson jam... and damson gin (1/3 pricked damsons, 1/3 gin and 1/3 sherry, + 50g sugar)


The damson jam was a nightmare due to hvaing to remove all the stones as it was boiling: Any smarter ideas on how to do this?

I picked 6lbs of damsons, reckon there's another 20lbs at least on the tree.... I've already got 10 jars of jam..... 5 bottles of gin.... any more ideas? :roll:

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