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Martin, A Question For You

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Thanks for asking Ali. Yup, I have 4 fertile eggs for hatching. I recieved an offer from another Forum and took them up on it. I have followed some instructions off the internet and have a homemade incubator. I originally asked for the 2 polish and 1 silkie, but this morning when they arrived they gave me another egg (jersey giant/orpington x) which is the size of a medium duck egg! :shock:


Dad was not very impressed but has helped me a bit. Just waiting until 12th September when they are due to hatch. Also the lady said if I get a low hatch rate she will give me 4 more! :)


It's all very exciting!




I was waiting for someone to spot it other than me just tell you all! :wink:

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How eggciting :D


1)Didn't you tell your parents you were getting the eggs ? :lol::shock:


2)What on earth will you do with a Jersey Giant?


3)Hope they all turn out to be girls :!:


4)Good luck martin, and keep us updated.


1) :oops: Ooops, slipped my mind. :wink:


2) Errrm, I don't know I didn't ask for one! :lol: Perhaps try and sell it.


3) Me too


4) Of course I will!

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I could do that, thanks for the idea Martin!!!

Just kidding, but I have nearly convinced my Mum and Dad to let me hatch some next year :D : :P:D My Mum said deinatly not this year since I got my ex-batterys this year :roll:


Some Questions:

If they are all hens where will they live, you could probably fit the banties in the eglu with the others but the jeresy giant!?!?!

And what did you use as a heater in your incubator?

And how could you resist the pekin bantams?

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Good Luck Martin - I bet your parents were :shock::twisted::roll:


We're just going to set some eggs in the incubator but are not sure if they are fertile. The bantam cockerel never seems to get up to anthing apart from making a noise :roll:


Are those Barnvelder eggs Lesley? My Lavinia is broody again and I'm thinking about trying some eggs under her.....

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