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I've done a Martin

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Well not quite.


I have just ordered an incubator package and 6 light sussex eggs from hatch-it-incubators :mrgreen::D:shock::D:mrgreen:


But did you tell your parents first, Sophie?


Gosh, it seems like everyone's at it now!

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Lucky you - I would love to have some hatching eggs (after seeing Lesley and ClareT last weekend I have a rather large hankering after some bantums....

The only thing now is to see if the Mark III EVER comes out :roll: as it might make the perfect bantum home :wink:


Gosh I reckon you may have room for 20 bantams in a Mark III, if the rumours are right!

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Yes I did tell my parents first, the condition was I could hatch them as long as I didn't keep them, this was from my Dad. But my Mum is very worried that she won't be able to resist keeping them, and if Mummy wants to keep them then thats fine by me :lol::!::lol:


I am very eggcited and can't wait for it all to arrive, it will either be tomorrow I get it or Monday, thats if Hatch-it-incubators stick to their we will deliver in 48 hrs thing.



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Well I havent posted about my hatching experience for a while, but at two weeks old, in egg, i accidently turned the incubator off :o


We thought I had killed all 12 eggs (turns out the 2 brahamas, the sillkie an one of the light sussex was infertile) so we went an got 11 more pekin eggs for free!


The three pekin eggs hatched yesterday, durning the night and today!

I hatched one myself, picked the shell and membrane off and took the chick out the shell, my hands were shaking so much and there was some blood. But it would of died if I hadnt had helped it, so ...

So now I have three chicks and 16 eggs that are due in the near furture!

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