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rescue hens

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Hello l am afder adopting 3 ex battery hens in the next month.We already have 3 hens living in there eglu but they were not ex batterys ones.Was wondering how it all gets done l have contacted some one and told them all our details and they now need my address again.What normaly happens do we pick them up or do they get brought to us.They will not be living together they will have separate homes in the garden.



(green eglu)

(Bluebelle) bluebell

(white chicken) ruby

PP marmalaid

!egg!!egg!!egg! everyday

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Hi Tara, there are a number of members who already have rescue hens, s wil be able to give you all the details :D


I am hoping to get our rescue girls soon, as the eglu is ready and waiting :?


I contacted my local BHWT co-ordinator, her details are on the web site, and she will let me know when the rescue is taking place and where and when to pick them up, I'm getting really excited :D and a little nervous too!


karen x

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Hi Tara

We adopted four ex batteries from the Battery Hen Welfare Trust in Devon - they have co-ordinators around the country so go to their web site and see if there is someone near you.


website address:




We went and picked our girls up - but we are only one county along!



Buffy works closely with the BHWT and there are quite a few of us on the forum that have re-charged the lives of ex batteries :wink:


Good Luck

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cant aford a eglu a mo so other half is making a wooden one for now. l know l would much rather have a eglu and hopefull soon they will upgrade but ill look on ebay as other half as not long got over the price of the first one so the second one will have to be second hand.Thanks for all your help aleast l am more aware,


(green eglu)

(Bluebelle) bluebell !egg!

GNR ruby !egg!

(Bluebelle) marmalaid !egg!


GNRGNRGNR comming tommorow

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Hi, I am looking to adopt some battery hens too. However being a total novice I am a bit anxious and need some advice. Do they need to be kept seperate from my other 2 hens and for how long? Also are they vaccinated and may they bring diseases or mites into my existing flock? I work 3 days a week , would this be ok or do they need nursing when they arrive. I would be very grateful for anyones' comments about this. Thanks, Sara

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cheeky chickens just thought I would lt you know that if you are still interested to rehome some ex battery hens why dont you ask Tara! due to pregnancy related reasons she is unable to keep them and are looking to rehome them!!!


they are lovely birds very unsure of people but is to be expected and with some gental handling they should learn to trust you!!! I also beleive that Tara may also allow their hut to go with them??



just a thought





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