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craven fowl

Dust Bath

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Thank you so much for your warm welcome.


I was wondering what material should be used as a dustbath for small chicks that do not freerange yet. I tried budgy grit, but I think it is too heavy. The babes are not very happy with it and seem to be eating it rather than rolling around in it.


I thought that sand might make them sneeze. (Do chickens sneeze? I know from disturbing personal experience that they burp and fart, but I do not know if they sneeze.)


Any advice?


Thanking you in advance,



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I guess the obvious thing would be real stuff... ie. dusty soil. I can't see a problem with sand or budgie grit to be honest... they will eat it, but that's fine, chickens do need to eat grit after all. I was shocked when I got my new two how much grit they were eating for the first day: They were even pecking at the breeze block walls in our stables. :roll: It seemd like once they had their fill though, they stopped and although we offer grit, they hardly ever take any, so maybe your new little'uns are the same.... eating it becuase its what they need, and they'll soon settle down and stop. I am sure it won't hurt them.


Have you posted any piccies of the babies?? :wink:


Oh, yes, and chickens sneeze... as well as all the other bodily functions :lol::lol:

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