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Thanks Gina - make sure Sheila doesn't get hold of it! I used to make Wedding cakes and was always having to buy the marzipan twice :oops:


Kate's book recommendation got me started on making my own cleaning products, starting with the toilet cleaner. The recipe says 'pour into a squirt bottle' - well, it is so thick you could hold the bowl over your head and it wouldn't drop on you! I spoke to Kate and sorted it out. Also, Kate has just brought me a big order of BiCarb and essential oils. The recipe for toilet cleaner smells wonderful and the smell reminds me that Kate got me into it all.! So, not as bad as it sounds - I just like saying it :lol:


That's two topics I've hijacked this morning - I need moderating now :oops:

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:D:D:D I've seen pics of the cakes & they were amazing, works of art. 8) I can see that the marzipan temptation was beyond reasonable endurance!

Thanks Gina, was thinking of stocking up on a few blocks today! :oops:

I'm trying to educate myself that I do not need chocolate, or indeed any food, to be able to watch Coronation Street. Haven't Cadbury's been clever with their sponsorship there!? :evil::twisted: Complete choc/Corrie association there, making you watch people opening chocs just before titles appear. :roll:

I try & make a cup of tea until the music finishes! :wink:

Perhaps we could just rename the thread Marzipan & Toilet Cleaners. 8) I'm trying to get started on more green cleaning, beyond Ecover, although that's good too.

I know we've had tips before, and I bought soda crystals yesterday (I can't remember what for now :roll: ) but perhaps Kate could start a new thread with concoctions & handy tips.

Or use this thread :P:wink:

I'm sure there'd be lots of interest. :D

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I've split this part of the topic from the 'Closed Forum' topic which is now locked - available to read but not post on.


This part doesn't always make sense now but there are some useful bits of info. in here. (and a lot of wittering :roll::lol: )


Please feel free to add anything else!



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