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Ooooh, yes please!


I was hungry when leaving work today and found myself looking at the Compliment creamer stuff they use in their tea - wondering if I could steal a spoonful - or two! How disgusting :oops::lol:


I actually had Hypnotherapy to stop me making cake and eating the whole thing raw, and eating whole packs of marzipan :oops: Slimming clubs don't cater for that sort of obsession :lol:

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Eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww Lesley


Raw cake mixture and the evil of all evils MARZIPAN :x


You're bringing back horrible memories of Bakewell Tarts and Almond Slices..........


Not sure what compliment creamer is though. Is it a bit like the powedered stuff you use in coffee instead of milk?

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Well girls, I'm offline for a day and what happens! :shock: Would anyone like a cup of tea???(Glass of water for Lesley).

Sorry I didn't get the tea tray round earlier, had a busy day. Working towards world peace & poverty history :wink: Think it will help when chickens rule the world. Mine are working on alternative energy source technology, using chicken poo :P

Hi Guest, (milk,sugar?) I was thinking the other day, perhaps you could start your own chicken lovers site with a Q & A bit? Aimed at small keepers, say under a dozen chooks? There must be a lot of interest out there, in similar position to you. We could come & say hello there. :D Oh, but I'd never get anything done with another site to visit!

Hope your chook's foot soon heals, I'm sure it will with your TLC. Glad you too enjoy your girls so much. Any chance you might need(!) a few more chickens & an Eglu :idea::wink:

The other thought I had was when I visited my local feed supplier & a customer was asking some soft egg related questions & not getting much of an answer. I butted in :oops: and had quite a chat with her. Then we drove off. I could hardly say "can we meet again" :shock: but seemed a shame not to chat again. Must be lots of people with pet chooks within say 10 mile radius. Would be brilliant to start local small interest groups, perhaps advertised at feed suppliers or breeders. Bit like book groups advertised in the library. People could create their own chatroom & meet up if confident of the other members. What fun! :idea:

Well that's enough ideas for one day. What's next on the agenda? :D

P.S. I can't stop thinking about marzipan! I ate all the flaked almonds last night, love bakewells & anything to do with almonds! MARZIPAN :D8):D

I'll have yours Gina!

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You'll need more time as well Sheila - you have to start making all your own cleaning products and Tomato Ketchup, cheese, sausages, knit all the family clothes, learn how to thatch roofs, sweep chimneys, change the engine in a LandRover............. and keep chickens :lol:

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I agree Lesley, I used to fret that I didn't have enough time to do all that I wanted to, so now I make my own washing powder, kitchen cleaner, am waiting for beeswax to arrive to make furniture polish, spray soda water on my mirrors, have got a ginger beer plant fermenting away, and have several jars of redcurrant jelly looking gorgeous in my cupboard :roll::roll: Now I'm desperate to try a rhubarb jelly recipe I've seen over there too :shock:

I will not visit the workshop, books or knitting sections over there- I daren't get any more great ideas from them for new things to read or do :roll:

Do visit - anyone with a 36 hr day, that is :?

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