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Corn on the Cob

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A little question, and probably a daft one :oops:


I've given the girls corn cobs after I've cooked them and we've demolished most of the corn! They love having a good peck at them.


Today I've been given a bag of cobs that are slightly past their best. Can I give the whole cob to the girlies uncooked or not?


Very puzzling this new chicken business :?

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I don't worry too much about the state of fruit and veg given to the chickens. When they find a mouldy cooking apple on the grass (I mean brown and disgusting all over) they always eat it without ill effect, and choose it in preference to the hard rather sharp ones. Their guts must be different from ours.

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I give my girls raw corn on the cob too.


They love it!!!


I skewer it and push the skewer into the ground. Then they happily peck away at it. If you don't push the skewer all the way into the ground, it bobs about back and forth. I've discovered it lasts longer this way and the chooks enjoy pecking it more. They arrange themselves one each side, and its kinda like chicken swingball! :shock:


Best of all...lovely yellow eggs :wink:

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