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Biodegradable Bags

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After having to use a vast amount of freezer bags to freeze our pork the other week, on top of the fact that it was already in a poly tray and cling wrapped :oops::roll: I thought I'd better look around to see what packaging I could find.


I found degradable food/freezer bags at Goodness Direct.


I've been ordering all my household stuff from them for a while - their delivery is excellent, but I'd not noticed these before.


Check them out here


(and if anyone would like to order and quote my 'Tell a Friend Gift Ref' of CC07610W, I will receive some organic chocs :D - I need all the chocolate I can get :wink:)

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I got some biodegradable bags after using the site on Lesley's recommendation. I bought medium bags but they were actually the size of Tesco small bags. :shock: Next time I will get large ones!

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Thanks - yes they sound like the same ones - mine start to disintegrate too sometimes!


In fact when I think about it I always have to rinse the caddy out when I empty it because it always has a puddle in the bottom. :roll:


And when I think about that - I think - why am I using liners in the first place??? :?

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