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Which chickens should I get

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Hi everyone, I've only just joined the forums and have been reading with interest all the things people are saying.

I've got the go ahead from my long suffering husband (not sure if go ahead is really the way to describe his comment, but he accepts that we will get some) 8)

My question is, which breed(s) should I go for?

I have 1 just turned 6 year old son, 20 month old miniature schnauzer, and 7 year old cat.

I'd like eggs, but that isn't the reason for wanting chickens, it is more because I want pet chickens that are robust enough to stand up to the other family members, and hopefully live for the longest possible time.

Does any one have any suggestions.

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HI Eggcentric - congrats on the decision and Welcome to the mad house, sorry, I mean Forum!!


Are you getting an Eglu and getting the chickens from Omlet?


There are so many different varieties of chook that I could never begin to name half of them!


There'll be others along soon I have no doubt who can help advise on different breeds, egg colours, placidity, temprement of hen etc....


You'll love them no matter which breed you choose.


I would recommend you go for at least three as you'll quickly discover that you want to get more - this is one infectious hobby!


Best Wishes



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Hi Eggcentric :D


Bantams but then I am biased :D They lay lovely little eggs (yolk the same size as a larger hen, white slightly smaller), come in lots of breeds and colours, and can live 10 years or more :D Bantams will probably take a break in winter from laying (they do deserve a rest now and again), and will take the occasional day off. Banatms are usually less destructive in the garden.


Hybrids like Omlet supply come in a range of colours and will lay lots of tasty eggs. They have a life span of about 5 years.

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Thanks for the suggestion of Bantams ali-s. I looked on the breeds section of the omlet site, and I'm totally confused. :? Do Omlet only supply the Mrs Pepperpot and Ginger ranger, or can you get other birds from them?

I suppose that I could get the chickens from a local breeder, as I'm sure there are some around where I live (near St Albans Herts)

Do the chickens mind the eggs being taken from them?

I will definately get the eglu from Omlet, having read about people stealing them, I'd rather get one that I know where it comes from, and the cost of 2nd hand is very expensive, I might just as well pay that bit extra for one that comes new.

I was going to get just 2, how many bantams could you get in the eglu? Are any particular bantam breeds easier to handle, my son won't be able to keep away, so I want ones that don't mind being petted.


Love the forums, some posts are hilarious :lol: , and all very interesting. :idea:



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Omlet have started supplying different types of Hybrid, one is called miss Snowdrop or miss Snowbelle. I am not sure what they look like.


Pekins (I have two) are great for little boys :D They are a true Bantam which means there is no larger version of this Chicken. They are quite small even smaller than my other Bantams. The eggs weigh about 45 grams. My two when they are not moulting :roll: laid about 4 eggs each and then had a day of rest. Most Chickens will become friendly if you spend time with them. Hand feeding them treats is a good way of gaining their confidence, as is taking them out of the Eglu at night for a cuddle. They will be sleepy and won't mind you handling them.


The chickens do not mind at all when you remove the eggs from the nest box. They lay them and then leave them.


I have got six Bantams in a mark 1 Eglu. My Eglu is in a large homemade run. Caret, a mod here has seven Bantams in a mark 2 Eglu. She has bought the run convertor for extra space.


If you contact Omlet they will tell you which type of Chicken they supply and will be able to send you a list of breeders in your area.


This is a good site to look at for breeds of chickens www.feathersite.com


Happy chicken hunting :D

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Hi! I have an eglu which arrived on 16th September. I am so pleased with it. I bought 3 hens from a local dealer a Bluebelle, Amber Star and a Sussex Star. I wondered about how they would fit but there is loads of room in the house yet they snuggle up together in the back corner at night! I looked at the different breeds but at the end of the day didnt have much choice - there were only 4 breeds available to choose from as it was the 'end of the season'. I love them all to bits though. :D They each have their own personalities and have provided us with so much entertainment. We have also now had 7 eggs including a whopper 74g (extra large) one today! I'm glad you found this forum. I've found it so useful although BEWARE it's highly addictive and my housework has been abandoned :lol:

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Sarah, your pekins are so cute, I like those, but do they all have feathery feet, and does this cause them any problem in the wet? :?

Ali says they are good with children too, so they sound like I should have them on my list.

Do the bantam chickens get on with bigger "normal" chicken? or should I look to get all bantam. I like the idea of having more rather than less, so perhaps I should stick to little ones.

Also how old are they before they can be sexed. I like the idea of getting young ones, but don't fancy the idea of ending up with a cockerel by mistake. :shock:

Housework HappyHen, any excuse for me to abandon that! :lol: so it sounds like I am definately in the right place.

I'm planning a trip to the Grand Design exhibition on Friday next week, so I hope to seek out the Omlet stand, and ask them about the breeds they have.



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My Pekins do have feathery feet,which are very cute but do get a bit tatty looking ,even though they live in a covered run so don't really get wet :?


Some of the Hybrids are smaller - the Whitestar (gorgeous pure white eggs & a lively,nosey hen!) ,A,mber Star & Rhode Star especially.


My Bantams are in a seperate pen to the big hens,& I will keep it that way,asthey are still babies & really teeney compared to my other girls!


Hybrids are great,& I am really happy with mine.They are hardy,regular layers & friendly too :P

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I looked on the breeds section of the omlet site, and I'm totally confused. :? Do Omlet only supply the Mrs Pepperpot and Ginger ranger, or can you get other birds from them?


They normally supply miss p and gingernut rangers but due to bird flu scare there is a shortage. I got mine on 16th sept - and had no idea what was coming - the day before they called me and said that they had gingernut rangers and a choice of bluebelles or snowdrops. the snowdrop is apparently white with ginger tufts - i chose that. the next day what actually arrived was a miss pepperpot and a sussex star.

It didn't matter to me in the end because I ADORE them both - they are beautiful. I really wanted a gingernut ranger - but I'm so glad that I got what I have ended up with because they are gorgeos. I think the moral of this story is....GET ANYTHING - TODAY!!!!!

I do have ONE regret - I wish I had gone for 3 instead of 2. It's apparently difficult to introduce more later. I really really wish I had another.

As far as friendliness goes - I really believe its down to chicken and not breed - mine are both friendly. They are greedy little devils and will put up with me mauling them if it means they will get a treat after!!!!

Good luck whatever you get - you will be totally besotted with them on day 1 - thats a fact!!!

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