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Hi :)


I was in Woolworths yesterday (don't normally go in there but I was having a bad day and needed to get out of the office!) and they are selling mushroom growing kits from Unwins for £2.99 instead of the usual £5.99. I've had a couple in the past and not huge amounts of success but they are quite fun so I thought at that price I would try it again.


They also have similar kits for stumpy carrots and chives (I think) which might be good for kids or people with no garden at all.




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Hers some we picked a couple of weekends ago. After preparation i made a lovely soup and then froze the rest.




Just a quick point DON'T pick wild mushrooms if you don't know what you doing. I don;t want anyones death on my hands :shock:



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Mushrooms :vom:

Quite literally - I'm allergic :shock:


However - might try and get a stumpy carrot kit.... :D


I used to be allergic to mushrooms as well, I outgrew it eventually. Not good news for a Veggie to be allergic to mushrooms :lol:


Anne - did you grow those froma kit or did you pick them from the wild?

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I've never seen so many mushrooms in the wild than today. On the way to school there were clutches of oysters, the fat white ones, really round white ones, thin borwn pointy ones. Don't want to take any because I'm not 100% sure what I'm doing. I migh buy a book sometime! 8)

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