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Jane Eyre

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I've been enjoying it, and I like the girl playing Jane. Somehow though this Mr Rochester doesn't too it for me though, can't say why, but he's not how I expect or want Mr Rochester to be.

Daughter was amazed that I knew the plot.... thought I was very good at guessing what it was all about :roll:

Shouldn't have bothered telling her that I'd read the book :wink:

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I had been recording it, but Duncan accidentally deleted the first episode instead of deleting an ancient Doctor Who, so I've missed it.


I'm going to have to wait for the inevitable BBC3 late night repeats!

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Funny you should post this now Sarah. I've literally just finished watching part two! I am really enjoying it too.


I once caught a bit of a black and white film of Jane Eyre which I found really absorbing. Then I read the book but only got half way through and somehow gave up on it. Now I am watching this and I am amazed at the intrigue. Ouija boards, ghosts, mysterious suggestions of vampires; it seems to have everything and must have been quite shocking when it first came out, especially with Charlotte being the daughter of a priest.


I have part three on tape to watch, maybe tomorrow. It depends whether I can get anything dry enough to iron! :?

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Amazing the Bronte sisters, like you said Ginette, especially that they were daughters of a priest, but then, life was very black then I guess adn they probably saw all sorts of things..... Have you ever read The Tennant of Wildfell Hall? Its my favourite Bronte book.

I'm off to see if I can download the Jane Eyre episodes from Dan's secret source, as I'd love to see them......

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..... Have you ever read The Tennant of Wildfell Hall? Its my favourite Bronte book


I read all the Bronte books when I was younger.... did Wuthering Heights for O level, and visited Haworth Parsonage and the moors at around that time and that really got me interested in the books of all 3 sisters. That said there weren't that many, but it's incredible to think of the worlds they created in their minds, despite having a very sheltered upbringing, although their brother Branwell probably exposed them to some more scandalous stories.

But the Tennant of Wildfell Hall was one that I really struggled with, in fact I don't actually remember ever finishing it :?:oops: I might get a copy now and see if I enjoy it any more now.

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My husband, myself and our 12 year old daughter have all really been enjoying Jane Eyre. We're away in France at half term and were worried that we were going to miss some of it but as the last part's next Sunday, we'll be OK :D

Sophie's really into it - last night she said "I really want to watch the next part of Jane Eyre NOW". And the DVD she watches over and over and over again is "Pride and Prejudice" with Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth. When I suggest she should read the books, though, she says "naah".


Incidentally, what did anyone think of the "Pride and Prejudice" film starring Kiera Knightley? We thought it was pretty awful compared to the BBC version.






(Soon to be the owner of a green eglu and 2 chickens)

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Oh I am so glad that others are enjoying this too.

My 11 year old daughter loves it,although the 13 year old won't watch it at all :roll:


The girl playing Jane has such an interesting face - not beautiful,but more striking,& a great choice for the role.

Mr Rochester is divine & sure can fill a pair of breeches nicely 8)

I did read this many years ago,& the series has prompted me to re read the novel.


I would love them to (re) adapt Rebecca soon - my favourite book from that era :P

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