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Sorry, couldn't quite decide which section was the most appropriate to post this query in. But after well over a year of moving our eglus around the garden we realised that in the drought this summer our grass simply wasn't recovering, despite very regular moves of the eglus. So we set up a wood chipped permanent space for the eglus, surrounded by log roll much in the way that the Omlet guide suggests. Finally now (3+ months later) I'm changing the chippings and freshening the site which had got very damp, and smellier than I realised :oops::oops: I've removed a good 80-90% of the old chips and clumps of mud and poo- lovely :shock: , and intend to replace it with a mix of auboise and chips. I'm sure I've read somewhere about using garden lime to freshen the ground, but am very anxious about using is as it could surely be toxic to the hens :? Equally I can't help feeling that the ground is pretty manky right now and would like to give it every chance to stay healthy despite having 7 feathered poo-ing machines living on it :shock:

Has anyone got any opinions or advice please.

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I use it, Kate. There are two types of lime - one toxic to both you and the hens and the other perfect for use in the chicken run. The one you need is Agricultural or Garden Lime (also known as Dolomite) and is grey and can be found in the fertiliser sections of most garden centres in granulated form. You can sprinkle this onto the soil and dig it in and it will keep the soil fresh as it has really good antibacterial qualities.




Hydrated Lime (otherwise known as slake lime or burn lime) is white and is very caustic and is used to make whitewash. This is NOT the right type and will cause severe burns to you and your hens.


I use the J. Arthur Bowers one in the photo every now and then in the run if it's getting a bit smelly and the hens nibble the little granules without any ill effects.

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I use the same as Kate, KateA. In fact I have just done it this afternoon. ClareT uses it regularly and it was she who kindly explained to me what to do.


Some of our ground is now so compacted that I couldn't possibly dig it in, so I did what I think it says on the packet and watered it in (with a hose :shock: ). I just sprinkled it around and then hosed it.


I hope it works for you!

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