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Wanted: new home for Garment

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Wanted: good home for our Daisybelle chicken


We want to rehome our 10 month old Daisybelle, called Garment. She has gorgeous iridescent black plumage, lays fantastic large eggs and enjoys her food!


We’ve had her since April, living with 2 other chickens. But in the last month the pecking order has changed, and she no longer gets on with our original (and favourite) Gingernut ranger. We’ve tried several things to restore calm, but without success. So we’d like to find a new home for her, ideally with chickens her own size: she’s part Maran, so she’s roughly the size of a Miss Pepperpot, noticeably bigger than the Gingernut and our other hybrid (a Speckled Star).


We’re in Croydon, so if you’re in Surrey or South London area and feel you could give Garment a home, please send a PM. We’re both at home most of this week (21 – 28 Oct) and you’re welcome to visit. In the photo, she’s the one at the back.



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The name of Garment?... hmmm...


Well, when we got her she looked as if she was wearing a black and iridescent robe and we decided she was a luxurious "garment". :D


Her alternative name is duvet of darkness, but that is a bit sinister so we don't tend to use that one! :lol:

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A big thank you to Linda who took Garment last night.


Moix, who was being picked on by Garment, hasn't been laying for a while. However, this morning there was a large egg from her in the nest box :o - she's obviously celebrating!

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