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Help for Halloween needed

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We're having a party for the children for Halloween, not many invited - 10 max, and I need some inspiration for games.


So far we've got:


Ghost hunt - stick pictures of ghosts on sweets, and hide them around the house

Pass the Mummy - variation of pass the parcel - small gifts, wrapped in a toilet roll, when the music stops, you wrap the toilet roll around you (like a mummy), till you find a prize.

Dooking for apples - obviously, you can't have Halloween without that!

The memory game - with appropriate stuff - false teeth, worms (spahettii really), bats etc.


And I've run out of ideas......

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Wrap the mummy: Get the children to sit in two teams, issue each team with a couple of loo rolls and nominate a "mummy" for each team. They take it in turns to wrap the person up, swapping when you decide (could be to music stopping). The winners are the team who wrap their mummy up the best.

Another traditional is dunking apples (big deep bowl, apples bobbing and lots of towels on hand....

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Get the kids to line up in 2 lines

put an orange under the 1st persons neck in each line, they have to pass it neck to neck along the line. no hands allowed


if they drop it, they start aagin.


(with adults if you drop it u have to drink a shot)


the winning team wins a prize!!!!


Sorry this is really badly explained but you get the :idea: i hope!!!


Christian x x x

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OR this (really messy)


Fill a large bowl with flour right to the top and 'pat' it down

Put a tray on top and then turn the whole thing over

(careful now) remove the bowl to reveal the 'dome' of flour

Put a £2 coin in the middle

using a palette knife (safe for kids) cut slices away without the coin dropping

(taking turns)

If the coin falls the person has to pick it out with their teeth!!!!


have fun



Christian x x x

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We play the doughnut game. Tie the youngsters hands behind their backs, and then get them to try to eat a ring doughnut suspended on string from a door frame or something similar. Time them and the fastest to demolish an entire doughnut is the winner :wink:

Much tamer for the younger children is to make lots of gingerbread ghost shapes before they arrive, and then set them to a decoration job armed with piping icing. Messy, but they like it and can even eat their efforts afterwards :D

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Another great one is to make a pinata and fill it with lots of silly little pressies: Sweets, plastic spiders etc. You could buy one from ebay shaped as a pumpkin if you don't have the time to make one. You then suspend it with string up high, blindfold a person and give them a stick to whack it with, whilst the others shout directions. Its great fun, and of course, when it bursts, there's a mad rush to pick up all the prizes.

Needs lots of space, so outside, if you've got somewhere to dangle it from is ideal.

Found this one on ebay: Here ..... A bit expensive though..... I am sure you could get your kids to make one with an old cardboard box: doesn't matter that its a square pumpkin! :wink:

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