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small flies in poo tray

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noticed today when cleaning the eglu, when I slid out the poo tray lots of little (nat) type flies flew out.

I clean out the tray 2-3 times a week and have NEVER noticed this before.

Didnt notice anything but nice healthy sturdy poo's and shavings in the tray itself.



should I be alarmed.?? or am I worrying about nothing!?

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Mine turned out to be coming from my eldest son's bag. He had a squashed banana in there that had been there for a month. :shock: Did you know that if left long enough, and with the aid of fruit flies, a banana will turn into powder :shock::shock:


And no he hadn't been using the bag just left it on his shoe shelf when he squashed the banana in it. uuugggh teenagers

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That is disgusting Trish!


I went and bought a UV fly catcher the other day - £9.99 at Robert Dyas and it works a treat. It'll be great in the summer - I love to have all the windows and doors open , but we get plagued by buzzers zooming about inside.


We also had lads of mozzies this summer, and I had to clear them from my room before I could sleep there - will use the zapper next summer :D

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I use a mix of cyder vinegar with a splash of washing up liquid in it, cover with clingfilm and make a holes in the film. They swarm to it dive in and sink. And yes as much as I love him the 16 year old is gross, this is not the first time he's done this sort of thing, last time it was 6 week old sandwiches I found. By the way mould will grow through the material of a sports bag. :shock:

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