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Heston Blumenthal

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Did anyone watch his programme last night!!!


Who among us has the time to make sausages his way!!?? And I am all for cooking from scratch!!


And of course, we all keep liquid nitrogen as a store cupboard item!!


I must admit, I did like the idea of poaching the sausages before browning them, as I'm never sure whether they are properly cooked through.


Might try it.


(I don't eat them myself, but my carniverous menfolk do).

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I didnt bother - I have read about the Fat Duck in Bray and it doesnt do much for me - snail porridge :shock:

A friend has been there - you have to book six months in advance - to eat in six months time - ie. if you could even get through you would be asking for a table on 1st May :roll:

I love cookery programmes as you can pick up loads of tips but I wasnt bothered about this one(as like you we dont have liquid nitrogen in stock :roll: )

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You don't need liquid nitrogen. You can use dry ice instead.







I only caught the ice cream bit of the programme, and the bit where he put salt on the treacle tart :shock: (HennyPenny told me used several gallons of treacle to make the tart). We had beans on toast last night.



Richard T

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You're right. Silly me.


Funnily enough, I don't keep dry ice as a storecupboard item, either.


Any idea where I could get some.


I did a search on Liquid nitrogen earlier, and a very useful website suggested that as it is usually only available in industrial quantities, you should go along to your local mortuary, with a thermos flask, smile winsomely at the nice man, and he might let you have some free of charge.




Is it me...???


I find myself asking this question more and more. Perhaps it is.......

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I might know a black market source too :whistle:


Seems a bit extreme though :?


Mind you I went to a halloween party ummmmmmm several years ago and my friends live in a house in the middle of a graveyard (he is the caretaker) and I wanted to get some dry ice for a cauldron which if you add water to it will bubble out fab fake smoke for ages but work wouldn't let me have any as it was dangerous :evil: spoilsports :lol:

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Mel (& Paul) says:

Its not you.

Its the rest of them

Thank you....Thank you.....Thank you!!!!


Chocchick says:

you can get frostbite and should wear protective gloves and glasses for the liquid nitrogen

He did......but made absolutely no reference to the reasons why as far as I can remember.



Where did he get it then?

Absolutely no mention of that either.

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Sounds like the time I flushed dry ice down the toilet :oops:


It was the ultimate in hilarity seeing people coming out of the loo with horror on their faces because a cloud of 'smoke' had just come out of the bowl :lol::lol::lol:




When I was at High School, the senior film society had a showing of The Fog. Mr Armstrong, the mad scientist physics teacher sneaked in behind the screen, waited till a particularly scarey bit, then let off the dry ice - possibly the funniest moment of my school life (only becuase I knew what was coming!), as everyone started screaming, and heading for the door!



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He obviously had the same sort of mind as me :lol:


In my very first job way back when :oops: one of the senior scientists used to walk into the tea room with a mug that he had put dry ice into and added some water so he was holding a mug steaming with smoke that is where I learned about the delights of dry ice :lol:


I have exploded many a latex glove with it too :shock: *sigh*


Those were the days :think:


Bloomin Health and safety rules :evil:

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