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Elaine C

More girls arrive at last

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Sorry can't contain my self and need to share as OH not back from work yet.


Finally, after months of waiting I have two more chooks, an amber and a meadowsweet. Collected them earlier and popped them into the eglu with the others at about 5.10. They are lovely from what I've seen of them but I can't wait to see them fully in the morning. I'm just as excited as I was when I got Ella & Cleo back in March. Just popped down for a peep to check on how they are getting on - all peaceful at the moment although a bit of whinge from Cleo (the gingernut) at sharing her gaff with two others :) Hope it stays that way but if probs I know good advice will be available here.


Now for names - it took me long enough to name the first two!




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8) I'll share your excitement! How lovely, I expect you'll be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow to greet the new arrivals properly. :D

As for names, lots of great singing names to follow the theme (I assume?) Billie & Aretha?

Hope they settle in well and that you enjoy the first w/e with all 4. :)

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