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Can anyone rehome Daisy?

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Hi All, :(


I have had a real problem with Daisy plucking the other chickens. I have tried anti-pecking spray, seperation and bumper bits, all to no avail. Now I have come to a difficult decision to rehome her. She is a lovely chicken and lays almost every day, but has laid quite a few very big double yolkers. She is a sussex hybrid and is white with a few black feathers. She is just over a year old. There is a picture of her somewhere in the gallery. I am in Stockport, Cheshire but would be more than happy to deliver her to her new abode. I think she needs to go to some bossy chooks who will bring her down a peg or two,


Thanks guys,


Love from Rebecca.X

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Well Daisy, now Chloe has arrived safely today thanks to Rebecca and her Mum.

She has had only a couple of minutes with the girls and Ginge was definitely showing she was higher up in the pecking order though Daisy gave as good as she got for a few minutes then decided it was probably better not to. She had a run around for a little longer and i have now split them up. She seems fairly settled in the old hutch - eaten all the pellets that were there!!. You can see a picture of her (minus nose ring!) here.



We'll se how things are tomorrow - Its going to be slowly but surely.

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