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Meet-the-Chickens Brunch 12 Nov 06

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Reporting back on very successful party, due (partially) to your delicious suggestions!

The weather cooperated, blue skies & SUNSHINE :D:D It was chilly, but everyone brought a warm coat & enjoyed hot chocolate, coffee & Buck's Fizz - helped by our new cast iron stove on the patio.

I made vol-au-vents filled w/egg mayonnaise & extras - i) avocado + a spoonful of fresh salsa ii) ham, celery + mustard iii) smoked salmon + dill. Also bagels w/cream cheese + lox and mini-quiche w/spinach.

Because I have power to the Eglu, I was able to plug in a coffee-maker, a slow-cooker, to keep the hot chocolate hot & an electric skillet to keep the quiches warm. I put custards in the oven to bake - but did it a bit late, so they didn't set in time - the only disappointment.

We had 19 guests & they were very impressed with the food, drinks - but most of all the girls! (I think there will be at least 1 new Eglu being ordered soon!)

Thanks for all your help!

I posted just a couple of photos, as requested, here;

http://new.photos.yahoo.com/smwrt in album "Chookie-chooks"

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