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Poorly Herbie

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I am so upset :cry:


My car is very old but I have just had the garage on the phone telling me he is on his way out :cry:


I have had him for nearly 11 years :cry:


Apparently his fuel tank is almost rusted through and they say it is a very expensive job :cry:


They think they can fix him to get him through the MOT but say the fuel tank is going to go soon :cry:


Not sure what to do with him any suggestions (be polite I am very fond of him) :cry::cry::cry:

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I can understand why you're so upset :( - I presume from it's name it's a Beetle?


I'd listen to the garage though - I bought a second hand beetle years ago without getting it checked out :oops::roll: I spent about two weeks driving around the lanes of North Wales and then back home wondering why I was having to fill up with petrol so often. I finally took it to a garage and they told me it was really dangerous, that the tank was about to corrode through and there was a real chance of it catching fire!!! Very very scary. :shock: Of course the person I bought it off was long gone - seemed they had forged the MOTs and everything.


It doesn't sound like yours is anything like in such a bad state but I'd still play it safe with old cars.


Maybe you could turn it into a hen house? That would be original!



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No Herbie is an MX5 but he does tricks hence the name he is very good at telling me when he needs his roof down because he is too hot he flashes his headlights at you :lol:


I am getting him through his service and MOT as he will have a value to someone who can do the work themselves as he is a classic from the first year they were built but I am only putting 6 months tax on him as the plan is to get rid :cry:


Trouble is I am stuck now looking for something else :cry:


Can't afford another one so what next :?


Looks like I am going to be forced to grow up and buy something sensible :evil:


Life sucks sometimes :roll:

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So sorry Louise! I do empathise... I'm so lucky, because we have a huge barn, I've kept all of my old cars. They're like old friends aren't they?

Hopefully the person who wants Herbie will be able to fix him up and you'll still see him around?


DON'T get a sensible car!!!!!! :shock::shock:

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I have to have a sensible car as I can'r afford anything daft :evil:


My budget could only stretch to a 7 or 8 year old MX5 which means in about another 2/3 years I am in the same boat so I think it has to be sensible now and them in 5 years maybe if I save really hard I could have another Herbie :?

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