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Martin B

Before you ask...

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I have a career for you Martin :lol:


I was just in a meeting with our Statistician and he says there is a huge shortage of them in the UK :shock:


They have just hired someone and they have to get someone from abroad they didn't even have a UK national actually apply for the job :eh:


Mind you we offer appalling salaries which might have something to do with that :lol:

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You just reminded me of something Annie! :lol:


Last Friday somebody came in to talk to us about Road Safety during PSE. About 5 minutes in one of the supply teachers who everyone ( not me) takes the mick out of, was teaching opposite, she comes in with her arm folded with her folder against her chest and says "I'm so sorry but they've locked me out"


They were only year 7s and they had all put their strength into locking her out! :lol:

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