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Growing giant Pumpkins

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Hi Ubereglu


The most important thing about pumpkins is that they are very greedy crops. As you said, dig a large hole and fill it with chicken muck and veg peelings etc all winter long. By Feb/Mar it should be full. cover it with soil/compost and let it rot down. You shouldn't plant the pumpkin out til after the last frosts by about mid may.


The key to growing a really big pumpkin is to only allow 1-2 to grow per plant.


Good luck


Christian x x x

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It's all about space and food. Let each plant have 1 or 2 pumpkins only (I leave two on for the first few weeks in case one falls off, then when they are strong enough, about the size of a tennis ball, cut one off (:shock:)so the other has all the benefit).


Let them spread out and get lots of sun, use lots of dug in horse manure on a regular basis and water, Water, WATER. They drink loads and will only swell with lots of H20. This is tricky when it is dry, but I have water butts nearby and use those.


What do you want them for ? Carving or eating ? I love carving them, then one year tried a pumpkin pie recipe and it was FABULOUS!


Good luck then...!

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