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Cate in NZ

What's the excuse today then Martin?

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Take it you're doing a phD then.


I won a place to work with the Researcher in Residence. The first thing took place today. Was good fun and nice and challenging.


He researches Science for the British Medical Council at Imperial College London. How cool's that?!!!

I did RinR and produced some glowing bacteria on a petri dish, actually the school's kit they were a bit :shock: with-condensed 60 pages down to about 6 relevent ones.


Well we got some blinds and furniture for our dining room today, :D but no more thesis written :oops:


I've never had a title as such and was supposed to be doing about prion protein (BSE etc.)

I'm actually looking at the mechanisms of action of 2 enzymes beta-phosphoglucomutase (moves a phosphate group on glucose) and uracil DNA glucosylase (repairs DNA) using NMR. In English testing some things that could explain how the enzymes work.


I would like to finish and do something else though... :(

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