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Mink Attack

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Just lost two of my three chickens to what we think is a mink attack. We tried to save Hinky the first one but were unable to do so. This was yesterday morning and was in their main run - not the little eglu run. We were concerned for the other two so opened up the main run so they could escape if attacked again - we suspected a stoat at this stage. Then just at dusk last night I looked out the window and saw two chickens walking towards the hedge looked back out again within a minute and there was only one!! Dumble had gone.

Went straight out, looked everywhere, heard no distress sounds and could see no sign of feathers. Searched and called for nearly an hour and no luck. Went out at first light this morning and eventually found the feathers on top of the six foot high hedge. Nothing else.

We have had extensive flooding from the river in the last few days and it has been suggested that this is what has brought a mink out towards us. Put out cage traps by the hedge and in the chicken run but our big concern is that now it knows we are here it will come back for poor old Tonks the sole survivor.

Has anyone else had this happen and if so what happened next?

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You will never believe this folks :D:D but after finding two piles of feathers, including all of Dumble's tail feathers, three days ago a very bedraggled and fairly bald chicken has made it home!!!

I was so concerned after the Hinky the first chicken was killed in the main run (not the little eglu run) that I opened up the run so that if they got attacked again the had room to escape. Then after Dumble got taken I felt so guilty wondering if I had done the right thing but after today I know that I did because she obviously managed to get away.

So we are still being very careful and fingers crossed things will be ok now.

Thank you all for your kind messages of support.


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